"To See or Not to See" that is the Question... This is a workshop to help those who would like their 3rd eye 'Attuned to the Spirit World". To be able to 'see clearer' and also to discern the messages they are receiving. We will learn the eye exercises to help enhance your clairvoyance with a guided meditation while the spirit guides are working on each persons 'spiritual eye'.
Many experience astral traveling, profound messages, and visions form spirit and healing. Please join us for this wonderful spiritual event of 'Opening'. 

Limited space 8
please bring with you for this workshop (there are mats, blankets, and pillow at the center too...)
1. a yoga matt or sleeping bag/something to lay on 
2. a blindfold/ or eye pillow/or a hand towel (layover eyes)
3. a pillow for your head and a light blanket
4. socks
5. bottled water
6. favorite crystal or stone

7. small notepad if you want

We will be laying on the floor for this workshop and be meditating.



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