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Come be a part of a personal gathering of letting go and connecting with your

'Loved One'. 

Zoom Gathering or Private Home 



Gather your family and friends to understand how to 'Connect with their Loved Ones' in the Spirit World with Rev. Gail Hicks.  She will share how your Loved Ones have been reaching out to you and help you to understand what you are receiving.   In this gathering, you may bring a photo of family and friends to hold and focus on during the guided meditation to visit them.  During this event, you will learn to open and connect with your family, friends, and your pets.  


Yes, You Can Connect can be shared in a private gathering or a public gathering.  It's best when all the participants bring a photo of their loved ones or write down their names to hold during the meditation.  Call Rev. Hicks for more information or book online for a group gathering limited to 6 people in the privacy of your home or on Zoom. 

Testimonial:  My family took me to 'Yes You Can Connect' with Rev. Gail Hicks when I was visiting Booth Bay Harbor, ME.  I went with an open mind and did not have a photo of my family, but wrote their names down on a sheet of paper and held it during her lovely guided meditation to visit them.   This was the first time I had meditated in my life and to be able to see family members who have been passed for years was such a blessing.  

After the meditation, Rev. Hicks asked if anyone wanted to share their experience.  I shared that my family arrived on a yellow school bus while I was waiting at a bus stop.  As the door open my mother was the first one to greet me, then my dad, then my brother, my aunt, and my best friend that passed when we served in Afghanistan.  This wonderful experience will be with me for the rest of my life and this was truly a gift.  I highly recommend attending this event or having a private gathering of your own with Rev. Gail Hicks   

J. M.C.  Camden, ME

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