Rev. Gail Hicks

Spiritual Healer

She is a naturally gifted person who discovered her spirituality at an early age.  Gail recalls her first spiritual experiences around the age of five with her grandmother and spirit guides who communicated with her during sleep.  Her imaginary friends were her spirit guides and they were real.  Everything she dreamed came to pass in some way or another.  Her clairvoyance and communication with family members in spirit and animals (family pets) increased.

Gail being so young and open-minded, always wanted to be a healer, a veterinarian to be exact, but could not handle the surgery part.  But, instead, she transformed her healing into her hands, voice and being helpful to everyone. She loved people, even at the age of 10; she helped at the nursing homes and in-home care for many of her neighbors.  This was the foundation for Rev. Hicks to begin her journey to heal and be of service for all.

Serving clients across the United States and Great Britain, the Rev. Gail Hicks is an internationally known and recognized spiritual consultant, healer and clairvoyant. Trust her experience and knowledge for your wedding or other spiritual service needs

With more than 28 years of work providing insights, understanding, and readings to clients on

both sides of the pond, Rev. Hicks is well versed in helping provide a wide range of spiritual

services.  Over the years, Rev. Hicks has participated in several Special Events and Functions for

major Corporation in Atlanta, Los Angles, and Chicago. Some of her clientele include;

Coca-Cola, Four Seasons Hotel, 1996 Olympics, Russian Exhibit, Beastly Feast for the Atlanta

Zoo, Atlanta Magazine and AOL Time Warner in Los Angeles.

She has been interviewed by many of the local New England newspapers and  television

stations such as, ABC6 News, Fox25 News, Channel 7 in Boston, The Standard-Times, the

Dartmouth Chronicles and Fall River Spirit publications for her "predictions" for The New

England Patriots playoff games and Super Bowls 2004,2005,2007 and The Boston Red Sox

playoff games ALDS, ALCS and World Series 2004, 2007 and 2008.

She received her Ordination from one of the oldest, most respected Spiritualist Centers in the

US., Camp Chesterfield. Rev. Hicks has a B.F.A. degree from the Atlanta College of Art and is

one of the co-founders and vice-president of the Atlanta Spiritualist Association. Her goals are

to help the community by utilizing her gifts of Spirit through teaching, educating, healing

and service.

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