This is a Spiritual Healing/Reiki Energy session for a loved one who is at a distance from the healer.   Rev. Hicks will sit a certain time that the client is available to receive the healing. She will send healing to your loved one, family, friends and pets during this 30-minute session.  Gail will request their full name and a photo is very helpful emailed to her before the healing.  

Rev. Hicks works with some of her 'healing staff spirit guides' to assist in this distance healing and sometimes she request one of her guides to be present with your loved one during the healing.  Prayers are said and the energies of light, love, and healing are sent through a deep meditation while holding the photo and focusing on the same vibration with their name.  

This is a wonderful service that many people forget that is offered so take advantage.


Testimonial:  My mother was in Tennessee fighting her stage 3 breast cancer and I contacted Rev. Hicks through a friend who suggested an 'Absentee/Distance Healing for my Mom.  I did not send a photo of my mother just her full name and Gail sent healing to her and my mother started feeling more energy and relieve from the chemotherapy session.  She asks if Gail would send the absentee healings every week and we made those confirmed times for my Mom to receive the healings.  When my Mom went in for her Pet Scan the results were great, she was in remission.  We both know that the healings played a big part in her recovery.  Thanks to Rev. Hicks and her guides my Mom is still with us.