Connection with the Arch Angels workshop will be developed for all who join us to open another realm of the Spirit World. Rev. Hicks will explain each Arch Angel and their attributes, gifts and healing. We will learn how Natural Law works with us and the Angels in our mediumship and when is the correct time to call upon them for help. Many have experienced the Arch Angels and their healings so now its time to focus more on connecting and being about to raise your energies to work with them and meditate to them in your time of contemplation. Rev. Hicks, Gail will lead everyone in a guided meditation to see which Arch Angel is attracted to you and the messages received.
• Arcangel Michael
• Arcangel Raphael
• Arcangel Gabriel
• Arcangel Uriel 
• How to meditate to each of them separately
• Their colors to heal and help others
• How they can help us in other ways with our spiritual path
• What stones & crystals work well with

Come join us this is open to everyone who would like to experience this workshop. A wonderful time to be in the energies of the Arch Angels learning how you can better connect to them and utilize the gifts they share with us.

Seats 18
***Bring notebook and a snack to the workshop and your stones & crystals to be charge by the Arch Angels during the meditations***


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