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Cancer Care Kit is an informative page for any and everyone to be able to

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This is a very helpful and effective way to add extra nourishment to your body and bloodstream with this raw cereal mix.  This was designed with which enzymes from nuts, legumes, and seeds to help heal cancer of all types. This information was given to me by my dear friend Dr. David Ganong and was developed and researched by another friend, who also is a doctor. He was diagnosed with Pancreas Cancer and not great odds of recovery. So, found a book with this formula and he tested on himself. This diet has the balance of natural enzymes to fight cancer cells in the body and blood. This diet works on all forms of cancer. Dr. Dave’s friend used this diet and his Pancreas Cancer completely disappeared after two or three months.

This Almond Diet or Raw Cereal is good for anyone, who wants to strengthen their bloodstream, lower their blood pressure, lower their cholesterol and to detoxify their body while supplying these healthy 'Live Sprouted Enzymes' into their daily or weekly meals.  It cleanses and clears the bloodstream, organs and helps rebuild body tissues and energies the whole body, mind, and spirit. 

My friend Dr. Dave would serve it to me for breakfast, as an appetizer! It’s like eating mussel cereal; he would put three or four tablespoons in a coffee mug with ‘distilled water’ to cover the seeds. Then in the morning, he would put honey, raspberries, and half in half over the sprouted seeds hand me a spoon and we would eat our appetizer. It was filling and I did not need breakfast after that.

I am sharing this information to all who have been with some form of cancer, but you don’t have to have that ‘dis-ease’ in your body to use this raw cereal either, it’s a great cleanse for anyone.

Below is the only information that I have from Dr. Dave, about this diet, and it’s a photocopy from one of his books. I know this information is very valuable for those who would like another choice in healing from cancer, and the healthy alternatives that this diet gives. Regardless of the types of treatments that are offered, chemo-therapy and radiation please do not discount this diet and healing process too.

For more healing and help, please contact me as I moved here to New England to heal cancer patients and other terminal diseases and illnesses. Please call me for help, nutritional support, and I will also place your name on the healing list here, and sent absentee healing to you.

Almond Diet


 TO MAKE 13 POUNDS: use 1 pound of each

TO MAKE 6.5 POUNDS: use a half a pound each

TO MAKE 3 POUNDS: use 1/4 pound each 

* Wheat Berries           * Buckwheat

* Almonds                   * Barley

* Oats Groats              * Millet

* Sesame Seeds           * Brown Rice

* Flax Seeds                * Alfalfa

* Lentils                       * Mung beans

* Rye


Non-Gluten: SUBSTITUTE THESE: Buckwheat, Rye, Barley, and Wheatberries, FOR these:

* Amaranth                  * Quinoa

* Chia Seeds                 * Millet (optional)

Store in a refrigerator or a cool dry place.


"Ready to Eat"

Directions  (Each serving is approximately 25 to 30 grams of protein.) 

Each night take three or four Tablespoons of this mixture and grind it well in a seed mill or (coffee grinder –pulsing the mixture). Place in a coffee mug or bowl, and cover with water and with plastic wrap to leave out overnight.  The reason for this process is for the seeds, nuts, and legumes to 'sprout or bloom' to become live enzymes.  (best to stand for 8 hours) In the morning, it won't look like a 'chia pet' sprouted but will be ready to eat.  Drain the excess water off then add any fruit, bananas are great, honey or black cherry concentrate, to your taste, or Greek/goat yogurt. You may also add more milk, almond, cashew, soy, rice, hemp whatever you prefer.  This is to be eaten raw, not cooked.  Can also make it a smoothie.

Continue this on a daily basis to heal and send the healthy enzymes to the bloodstream, and all the organs to slow down the spreading of cancer, to shrink the tumors and help it to go dormant.  The enzymes will cleanse the blood helping to remove cancer cells, strengthen the blood count, and improve energy.

Many people eat this Almond Diet/Raw Cereal as a regular stable in the morning or evening. I would suggest for those who are dealing with Cancer and various treatments to eat this in the evening so that the body while at rest, can receive more of the benefits of the active enzymes and the body can repair the tissues, bones, organs etc.  Many times I have eaten this cereal for dinner and I still eat it again in the morning.





The most important appliance in the kitchen for a cancer patient is the JUICERI say, "Sell the stove and buy a good juicer!"  And ditch the microwave too.! The living enzymes in food have been killed by the cooking process.   Cooked or canned food are considered "dead foods" because they have no living enzymes.  To give you a better idea of what this means, If you plant a raw potato it will grow, however, if you plant a boiled potato it will only rot. Most of the enzymes in our foods are destroyed at 107 F degrees but ALL the enzyme are destroyed at 140 F degrees.


When a person eats anything processed they are not only eating dead food but they are adding a destructive food to their body, PRESERVATIVES. This may not seem very significant for a normal healthy person, but for the cancer patient, it may mean life or death. The liver must be able to detoxify, destroy, and metabolize all foreign substances from the body. When one eats dead food it causes the liver to work overtime causing stress to the organ.

CLEAN YOURSELF OUT!  When eating organic raw fruits and vegetables you are eating or drinking the Cleansing Foods for your body. The cancer patient may eat as much as desired of these foods.  But it's very important to drink the required amount of cabbage, carrots, and celery juice.

The suggestion that has worked in the past for many of my cancer clients is to drink at least two 8 oz. glasses of juice daily.

Recipe: three to four large carrots, 2 celery stalks, a quarter wedge of cabbage, and half apple.



What's missing in your body? by Doctor N W. Walker

Please check out this information for your personal health.

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