Welcome to my first blog about Celluderm.  I nicknamed my machine 'Celly' and I have a trendy saying: "Do you need Celly for your belly"?

A treatment is a work of art in the progress of re-sculpting your body shape and helping eliminate cellulite, fat reduction, and toning all in one.  There are various benefits of even one session with Celly to help anyone improve their health and internal functions while helping the lymphatic glands to cleanse and improve your circulation throughout your body.

I would like to share my story of Celluderm with you all.  I was tired of my weight, my shape, and shifting in sizes of clothes not sure what to wear and that I did not feel comfortable in any of my outfits.  Plus I was not feeling happy with my physical appearance and being a healer and helping others, it was time for me to put some 'healing energy' back into Gail.  So, a friend referred me to the only person at the time in New England who had this machine.  She said, do this for you, spend the money -treat yourself so that you can cleanse your body, speed up your metabolism, and get back into shape.  I had nothing to lose but unwanted inches of fat, congested cellulite, no energy, tired, and frustration.  You can see for yourself, the photos posted on the website are mine.


My first treatment was interesting but each session brought a sense of freedom and healing all over my mind, body, and spirit.  I noticed a difference in the first session and watched my body transform into a smaller shape while my skin became tone and smooth.  Within the ten treatments, I lost a total of 9 inches in my belly area and a body total of 24 inches, 2 dress sizes, and 11 pounds.  I did not work out regularly at the gym during the first month of Celly, which would have helped my measurements more. I felt great and decided to continue ten more sessions and incorporated weekly workouts at the gym.  I increased my flexibility, energy, endurance, and cardio as the Celluderm treatments continued so did my results.  Another 23 inches total and 3 dress sizes and 8 pounds.  From a size 18 to a 10 in 2 months and back to running 4 miles three times a week. Gail was back and feeling great!

These Celly sessions are amazing for everyone.  We all need to keep our bodies at optimum health and also support our lymphatic system and vital organs to function daily in our chaotic lives, stress is a major factor in health issues.

Please check out my website www.spiritualsculpting.com for more information on the treatments and results.

It's 2015 a new year, new beginnings, and time to 'treat yourself' to jump-start your year of great health.  The only way to make a change is 'Too'!

Make this year the best! I am back on my program of 'Self Maintenance', come and join me to start with a 'Celly'! I know I need some 'Celly for my Belly'.  :)




























































Celly Blog

"HEALTH= MND, BODY & SPIRIT- I made a choice to improve all with Celluderm, and I feel cleansed and spirituality healed"...  MH.