Many people can go and take a class/workshop and think they know all there is to trance and channeling spirit guides and entities and not really be informed of the consequences of the physical effects on your body and mind.  It's important to have a knowledge of psychic self-defense when opening up to the Infinite. 


In this workshop for those who have been studying mediumship and working with their spirit guides in meditation for some time and have been going into light states of trance, but not knowing how to work with it. Also that you know at least one of your spirit guides and have been receiving and discerning the message they are sending you.  This is very important before you go to the next level into Trance.


We will discuss all different phases of "Trance", light trance, medium trance and cataleptic trance or dead trance.   How you develop to each phase and which guide helps you with trance.  Each phase will be explained with all the guidelines for protecting yourself while in trance, how to work your guides with trance, what is a doorkeeper, and who is your doorkeeper. Most of all why do you need a door keeperAlso, who guards your door while you are out.  And what is a voice box!


We will all experience a practice meditation with our one guide to help open us up to Trance and allow to feel how our guide feels in our aura, sitting on our lap or our body before we go to a safe place.  Then to allow them to use your voice box to open and then speak. We will be in the light with this workshop. Those attending this workshop should have a basic foundation of mediumship (meet your guides and teachers workshop, basic mediumship, and know at least one of their spirit guides)

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