Pet Healings 

Healing and relieving pain and discomfort



There are many ways to help our family pets: proper check-ups, exercise, nutrition, grooming, and love.  But sometimes even with all of that, there can be things missing.  We try hard to 'know what our pets feel and need, whether they are content and happy.  Pet healing is the connection that is made with your pet to better understand it's needed.  Giving your pet and you a sense of inner peace.  

Rev. Hicks' love for animals started when she was a young girl with dreams of becoming the veterinarian but subsequently chose a different path.  Rev. Hicks is able to help animals in other ways.  She has been doing spiritual healing and animal communication for over 23 years working with horses, dogs, cats, ferrets and other animals. Many clients have brought their pets to her when they were given no hope by other professionals. 

She begins by laying of hand's which will help promote healing, reduce or eliminate pain, inflammation, sores, and many other ailments.  Also, during this process, Rev. Hicks prays to enhance and elevate the healing.

She has worked many different pets with:

  • Terminal illnesses such as cancer

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Urinary infections and blocked bowels

  • Arthritic pain

  • Open wounds and wound care

  • Mental behavior problems


Rev. Hicks will make a house or barn calls for the horses or other farm animals in need there would be a slight travel charge included in the visit. 

For confirmation, please check out the testimonials for the pet healings.