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"Celly for my Belly"

What is Spiritual Sculpting and how can it help me?

Feeling sluggish or tired? Perhaps don't have the get up and go like before? Or is your metabolism slowing down? How can I speed that up and feel better with more energy and look good at the same time?

Many people go on everyday running the same day routine on auto pilot but at the end they realize that something is missing. No matter how many vitamins and supplements you take will not capture that energy or zest for life back if your body is clogging up with toxicity. You must ask yourself, am I treating my body with respect and love? Are you going for alternative sessions, like massages or healings to help relieve stress? Perhaps you are, and this does help but still you feel 'sluggish and non motivated. What could be the issue in your tissues? Well I know from experience that when your Lymph Nodes are full, impacted and hard as little rocks under your arms and back of the legs and other areas, they need to be drained. Yes you can go for a lymphatic massage and they will help a little but not 'drain them' or release all the toxins out of the glands or your adipose tissue. But I do have an answer for you to help with these issues in your tissues and also support your body with more than just a drainage of the lymph nodes.

Let me give a brief definition of the how important lymphatic system is in your body (quoted from my Celluderm manual)

  • The lymphatic system is a continuous-cleansing system that operates at the cellular level. Waste products, toxins, and other debris are filtered from the tissues by passing through the lymph nodes.

  • Lymph nodes, small, oval bodies found throughout the lymphatic system, filter the lymph. When a node is congested, drainage of the lymph is sluggish. Bacteria, infections, and fat molecules can all cause congestion.

  • Lymph transports fats, regulates water flow, eliminates waste matter, and circulates lymphocytes, the white blood cells that participate in immunity. Much of the lymph collects in a large duct behind the heart called the thoracic duct.

  • Without proper drainage, waste removal slows, cellular transportation mechanisms would be compromised, immune responses slow, and cellular repair is inhibited.

Now that you have more information on the lymphatic system this should help you to investigate your body and how it is running. This happened to me feeling sluggish, foggy, struggling for more energy no matter what vitamin I took or workout program I still felt that something was missing.

In a meditation one of my messages was 'Detox your Lymph Nodes'! So I went to my local health food store and asked my friends which Detox was best for my lymphatic system, instead of a vitamin or cleansing therapy I was suggested to go for a series of Celluderm treatments to cleanse my lymphatic system and removed congestion from my tissues. At this time 2010 their where not all these new machines out and only a few Celluderm treatments offered in MA. The treatments where non evasive and like a warm oily massage with light suction from a continual cupping over my whole body. I had nothing to loose but fatigue, sluggishness, and of course some cellulite & fat and inches off my body.

After doing my Celluderm treatments I had amazing results and also gain myself back by feeling better and also looking great too. My lymph nodes where very happy which helped my body in so many ways like eliminated harmful toxins that poison tissue, accelerating the metabolism, reduced water retention, eliminated inflammations, reduce cellulite, enhance skin elasticity, eliminated stretch marks and so much more. The treatments involved measurements before my series of Celluderm, and my inch loss was 24 total inches and 9 inches from the abdomen only. Wow did not even describe the new me blossoming.

The next phase of my sessions came in a meditation to purchase this machine, be trained as a Celluderm Technician and help other with my knowledge as a Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master to utilize this machine in other ways to really offer a personal result for each of my clients to benefit their health mind, body and spirit. That is how I came up with my name Spiritual Sculpting. I am a Spiritualist Minister and with the ability from Celluderm Technology I am able to use all of my healing gifts to heal and improve peoples lives and detox their lymph nodes and help release all the other pharmaceuticals trapped in the adipose tissue.

Many people come to me for spiritual healing and relief, some for readings and others come for as I call my machine- 'Celly'. Does not matter which of my services you choose I am here to help you that is why I decided to add Celly to my practice and also to educate everyone in the importance of 'Detoxing your Life'.

In the seven years that I have been doing Celly I have helped hundreds of clients change their health & bodies and also have learn so much more with this incredible machine. Through working with clients I have incorporated other healing modalities with Celly for specific health problems which has relieved them from pain, surgeries etc. Everyone can benefit from even one session of Celly, but it is best to do a package to really release the majority of toxins and to re-sculpt your shape at the same time.

Celly offers more for your health than the other 'Fat/Cellulite Machines' services and affordable. One session with other Body Sculpting procedures are being 'hooked up to a machine' for one area only at a price of $300- $950+ just the stomach, and you could have 5 hour treatments of Celly for under those cost. Everyone wants to feel good and look great or at least be happy with yourself. Consider your 'Health First', Celly does that 1st, the other treatments only do 'FAT'.

Is it time for you to treat yourself better? Help your Lymph Nodes to release those unwanted toxins that can impact your life later. Think about how you feel and treat yourself to a Celly session today.

Do You Need "Celly for your Belly"?

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