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Do you have something to loose?

Do you have something to lose? Like inflammation? Pain? Fatigue and brain fog? Excess fat/cellulite and bloating? Stiff joints? Vascular problems and stretch marks? A lack of energy and motivation? Perhaps you don't realize that your body is telling you something. It's not your diet or exercise program or even your age it's your lymphatic system.

Everyone wants to feel their best and look good in their clothes but to really feel healthy is to know more about how your lymphatic system keep you at your optimum energy level and fit. Your lymph nodes have a very important job everyday to protect your immune system, house your toxins and fight colds, flu's, infections, and destroy abnormal cells such as cancer,

etc. So why don't more people search for a treatment that will do everything to heal the full body, reduce all the personal problem areas with Celluderm.

Celluderm is a noninvasive treatment with cupping and heat to cleanse the lymph nodes, and move the toxins through the blood stream and adipose tissue to the liver to 'dump' out of the body in 24 hours after a treatment. It's like a warm massage with light cupping all over the torso, legs, hips, sides, arms and if needed the calves too. This treatment moves all the blood through the adipose tissue while extracting toxins from the lymph nodes, decreasing stretch marks, old surgical scares and cysts.

Many harmful toxins are trapped in the adipose tissue which causes inflammation and discomfort for many people and they don't know that Celluderm treatments (Spiritual Sculpting - my business) remove these toxins out of the body and help to speed up your metabolism and build new healthy tissue and skin from cleansing the blood.

There are other ways to cleanse the lymph nodes but not like Celluderm. Just in 45 minutes of a session your body will respond to all the movement of the blood inside the body waking up all your organs activate and let go all those harmful toxins that have been stored up in you for years.

Everyone benefits for just one session of Celluderm it starts a movement for a better you. So what are you waiting for? Learn more by going to https://www.revgailhicks.com/testimonials my website at revgailhicks.com or spiritualsculpting.com and my blogs or just call me 508-736-7338

Start your new you today with some 'Celly on your belly'!

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