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Treat Your Feet & Hands

30 minutes Ionic detox foot treatment
Feel the difference, clean, clear and relaxed!

Ionic Detox Foot Treatments

All my girlfriends are making appointments for pedicures and manicure but never do I hear them say that first I am going for an Ionic Detox Foot Bath first then get a pedicure. There are a few spa's that offer these treatments, but do you receive the best in Detoxing for their machine? How many of us do alternative treatments to help our feet? Like Ionic Detox Treatments for example. Are they really beneficial to your feet? Your Health? And do you really Detox from having these sessions? Well the answer to all is Yes there are lots of benefits to receiving a monthly Ionic Detox Treatment or even two a month with the different modes offered from the more sophisticated machines out there.

I did my research on these various machines so that I could offer them with my spiritual healing practice and also for my mother who suffered from Lymphedema and inflammation. I decided to purchase an Ionic Detox machine that also did infrared bands which pull more toxin from your colon while your having a session. Also the wrist band increases the flow of PH balance to help raise your PH to an 8.0 to alkaline your bloodstream and improve energy.

Ionic detox foot baths are very much like soaking in the ocean to receive the balancing of the positive and negative ions from the sea salt water and the natural healing vibrations that we all receive from being at the beach. How many of us fall asleep on the beach? Take that little nap at the beach or sleep great that night after being at the beach. Well that is from receiving the Ions from the waves all day and being in or near the salt water. Our bodies need positive and negative charges from the oceans and some of us are land locked and can't run down to the beach to treat our feet and body to the healing prosperities that our lovely ocean offers.

So what is our alternative? Finding somewhere to go and receive an Ionic Treatment to release different issues from our bodies. Everyone can benefit from these wonderful foot treatments and those who are smokers, or consume alcohol frequently or been on heavy medications for years get some of the best results to pull the toxins out of their body, organs and blood through these sessions. As long as they are not smoking or drinking during a session, which I have had many people ask if they could smoke during a foot bath treatment and I just gave them the 'look'?

How does it work? Well you drop your feet in a plastic tub lined with a bag, warm water and there is an array in the water with your feet. Of course I place the band around your waist to work on the colon and lower organs in the abdomen area and the PH band on your wrist. Then you sit listening to meditative music will the array sends the ions into the sea salt water which beings to pull the toxins out from the bottom of your feet. Of course many watch the changing of the color of the water from clear to brown, black, green and floating debris in the water all from your feet. The colors of the water tell you what your body is releasing which you can read from the chart. Of course I make you feel and look at the color of your feet before and after because they look as clear and soft as a new born baby afterwards. And your detoxing is not over, for the next day you will keep releasing more toxins from your body each time you eliminate.

It's amazing to watch clients receive these sessions and what their bodies 'let go of' during one or two foot treatments. The benefits are extensive from on 30 minute treatment.

Benefits of Ionic Foot Bath

· Remove toxins and body waste products that can cause health problems, such as diabetic, pyruvic, butyric, carbonic, uric, hepatic and lactic acids

· Ionic foot baths stimulate and rebalance the whole bio-energetic field

· Clears up energetic blockages / unblock the energy flow in the meridians

· Chelate heavy metals Inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungus.

· Symptomatic relief edema, gout, swollen joints, pains, and headaches.

· Enhance nutrient absorption

· Facilitate capillary micro-circulation in the organs (including the detoxifying organs)

· Raise pH levels. Prior to ionic detox, approximately 95% of people experience a state of acidity in which their blood pH is lower than 7.45, indicating an excess of hydrogen ion

· Reduce inflammation and unwanted fluid retention

· Improve lymphatic circulation and boost immune functions, thus increase the body's ability to fight infections, inflammation, and cancer

· Help clear up bad skin

· Enhance the functioning of the detoxifying organs such as the liver, kidneys, colon, skin, and lungs

· Assist in weight loss

· Has a general stimulating effect on the whole organism increasing the overall sense of well-being

· Slow down aging and improve body flexibility

· Decrease recovery time after injuries, surgeries, and diseases

· Increase oxygen in the body

· Rejuvenate and energize your whole body

· Ionic foot baths improve sleep and memory functions

· Purify the blood and lymph

· Stimulate and balance the immune system

· Cholesterol reduction

· Helps to repair the tissues, especially the connective tissues; increase flexibility

Many clients in the past have also seen their planter warts disappear after two back to back sessions of mode 1 &2 and they canceled their foot surgery the next day. What a great benefit something so simple as an Ionic foot bath to remove fungus, toenail problems and circulatory issues too. If you have bunions and foot/leg cramps these sessions are wonderful. Also another incredible quality of a foot bath is helps bone density and I have had clients with fractures in their feet receive 2 session and their foot was almost completely healed in a day and the doctor was even surprised at the improvement and encouraged more sessions.

I have found in my years of doing these sessions and for myself that the list of benefits is even more than I have shown, but I do love that its a balancer of energy for your mind and spirit as well as for better health. Your feet will love you for a treatment, and also recommend doing the hands for arthritis and carpal tunnel. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself get a foot and hand Ionic session and feel balanced and clear!

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