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Led by Spirit

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Does your intuition guide you? Or is it your inner spirit? Perhaps it's a higher vibration you feel or just a knowing. Then you realize you are not alone.

Welcome to Gail's blog post! Many people have asked me why aren't you blogging, and I am now manifesting and sharing my spiritual journeys with you all. I will be sharing my personal experiences of spiritual contacts with loved ones & spirit guides, and wellness & healing. A time for us to connect looking deeper into our souls and spirit to allow the best to present itself to the universe.

"Trusting my inner voice that was led by the Spirit"

We all have our stories of inner guidance and help, but we don't always share how or why it happened to us. Many now are coming to an 'Awakening' (#awakening) of different energies that open levels of our psyche to realizing we are not alone, in our minds. There is someone listening to our thoughts, feelings, emotions and supporting us through our daily life. Some may call it an Inner Voice, others God, Buddha, Jesus, Infinite Intelligence or your Higher Self better yet, your Spirit Guides (#spirit guide) We all do share in this experience on various levels which can be a private and protective boundary but now we feel the need to acknowledge.

My journey started at five years old when my mother's mom (grandma- Charlotte) came to me in dreams and at night to tuck me in bed along with my sister. She would tell us stories, move about the room and she was very real considering she pasted when I was six months old. We inherited many of her natural gifts of the spirit and her love instilled into our beings a peaceful discovery. From this impression as a child, my world was very much open to listen and see spirit at any time of day.

I was very lucky to have a mother who studied astrology and metaphysics and she did not shelter us from utilizing our imagination and connection to our special people from the other realms, but to embrace their knowledge and help. As I grew up my gifts were on and off because I did not know anything about clairvoyance or clairaudience (#clairvoyance, #clairaudience) but just knew that what I was thinking or when I was talking out loud to nobody, somebody would answer or I heard a voice guiding me. This presents gave me comfort growing up and I know that many of you have similar experiences.

Allowing myself to be open to the vibrations of the Spirit World (#spirit world) I began to communicate with a few different people and guides. They would appear mostly in my dreams and everything I dreamt came to pass. The more I accepted my connection the more information I received and my visions became clearer. Also on this spiritual journey as a teenager into college, I was tested on 'trusting what I received' from my guides. To be in the present moment of your Higher Self and the knowledge sent in your mind or in dreams we seem to contemplate what we get instead of trusting spirit. Once you surrender and trust what your receiving is 'True' and take that 'Leap of Faith' into the unknown, and 'Believe in Them' then you become an instrument of light for others.

We all want to connect with our loved ones and spirit guides in some way but many of us have blockages that keep us from opening and following the voice inside our heads. Don't be afraid to be apart of another realm of life, our Higher Self will lead us to Spirit and they will in return guide our mind, body, and spirit helping us to reach the unattainable.

Remember to still the mind, listen to your inner voice, bless your yesterdays for your tomorrows, surrender to the unknown and let Spirit lead.



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