This is a very specific reading where Gail and her spirit guide Dr. Bigelow focus on your written questions that you provide during the session.  This is called psychometry or soul measuring. Her guide Dr. Bigelow guides and answers your questions that...


Trance is a unique reading with in-depth information on many spiritual levels.  During this Trance Reading, Rev. Hicks sits across from you and begins to pray before she goes into trance.  Then her guide, Nazarod, will introduce himself and then asks your full name so he may attain your records.  In this session, you will...

$200.00/1-hour session


This consultation is to connect with your spirit guide through a pastel drawing in color and will help you to recognize your guide during meditation.  You will also be sitting for the picture with Rev. Hicks in person or absentee.  Many have experienced healing from their guide(s) during this session.  You will also receive a message  from your spirit guide to go with your portrait.

$150.00/1- hour session


Spirit Flame messages are a form of physical phenomena where Rev. Hicks and her Spirit Guides help to produce an impression from a lit tapered candle flame onto a blank white index card.  She will be connecting with your loved ones, and guides and be interpreting the messages and the smoked images that appear on your card.  Many people who have Flame cards have continued messages revealed to them days, months and years later... Loved ones connecting through your flame card. 



This is a personal session with your guides and teaches and loved ones.  You may have questions to ask them about your spiritual path and development, and to learn how to connect with them and communicate to them.  You may also want to bring a photo of your loved one for Rev. Hicks to...

$150 hr


Rev. Hicks helps many clients focus on coping with grief, pain, and difficult life decisions by positive guidance and other options to move towards one's spiritual growth and to achieve their goals in the process.  Some of the objectives can be discerning their choices, overcoming...

$150.00/1 1/2 - hour session


To receive healing energy, to clear stress, chronic pain, physical problems and illness, addictions, help with rehabilitation, grief, fatigue and let go.  Allowing the spiritual energies to balance your body, mind...

$100.00/1-hour session


They guided her to write down a negative list, and a happy list (affirmations) to say to the mirror, release, let go and claim her energy again.  She worked with her spirit guides on this type of healing, and several of her clients wanted this service.  The Soul Healing is the one spiritual...

$225.00/2- hour session


This is a specific healing for attuning all the energies of the bodies with different instruments, vibrations, stones and crystals, which are laid on the clients body with laying of hands...

$120.00/1- hour session


Our Pets are family and thy too suffer in silence to pain, discomfort, injury or illness and they would benefit from a Spiritual Healing just like you to.  So bring your dog, cat, ferret... for a healing...

$50.00/30-45 minute session


The idea behind absentee healing is to be able to send healing to one who is not in the presence of the hearer. Rev. Hicks tuns into where you or the one you are requesting a healing for...

$75/ half hour session


Are your feet in need of a 'detox treatment and your body'?  Check out all the wonderful benefits an Ionic foot bath can do for you and a friend too...

$35 Half hour session


Rev. Hicks currently offers spiritual officiant services for weddings, baptism, baby-naming ceremonies, memorials, and funerals. These services are available for family pets as well...

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