A powerful healing to realign and recharge yourself with SPIRIT!


Sound & Stone Healing helps to open the minds pathway to another realm in meditation with the body to receive vibrations that different instruments resonate.  Each of the instruments used in sound healing by Rev. Hicks is assisted by her guides for the best attunement to repair and heal your spiritual body. 

The didgeridoo (a wind instrument) helps to ground the energies and realign the meridians, whereas the tuning forks balance the chakras and connect the spine to the centers on all levels. Tibetan bowls, bells, chimes and crystal bowls bring in clarity and inner peace.  Depending on client's needs, the spirit sends the most pertinent healing through the specific instrument or instruments that she uses.  During this process, Rev. Hicks also incorporates polished healing stones that have been charged and places them on the chakras that need aligning while she plays the instruments. 


  •  Root Chakra= Jasper or Blood Stone

  •  Sacral Chakra= Carnelian or Moonstone

  •  Solar Plexus Chakra= Citrine, Amber or Tiger Eye

  •  Heart Chakra = Malachite, Aventurine or Moss Agate  

  •  Throat Chakra = Lapis Lazuli or  Sodalite

  •  Pineal Chakra= Amethyst, Labradorite or Sound Herkimer  Diamond

  •  Crown Chakra= Charoite, Ametrine or Amethyst


You will absorb the healing powers of the magnetic currents of the

stones and crystals with the laying on of hands.