In this workshop, each of us will learn how to open up and connect with our spirit guides to draw an impression of them and loved ones from the world of spirit.  I will demonstrate and draw some spirit guides to show how to open up and be able to allow the spirit to draw through as an 'instrument' while receiving messages and guidance on expressing them on paper.  Each person will focus on their own personal "Inner Band" and draw their portraits for their personal focus for home.  You don't have to have "any' drawing ability, just let spirit help you out...  

Rev. Hicks will have pastels offered (black and colored charcoals) but you might want to purchase your own. 


Supplies needed each person should bring there own for this workshop.  A Drawing pad 11x14 is a nice size, some colored chalk pastels, a kneaded eraser, a black and white chalk pencil.  This is such a fun and expressive time with spirit!!!! Come and draw your guides !!!

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