The Law of Attraction, The Law of Love!

Spirit Art Drawings benefit those who desires a stonger connection to their spirit guide and to ferther develope their mediumship.  Your spirit guide may be someone you knew or someone from a past life.  Guides are drawn to us through the Law of Attraction and the Law of Love. In this session, it is a wonderful way to have a personal color pastel drawing of one of your spirit guides or a loved one.  You will sit across from Rev. Hicks as she beings to bring in your loved ones or guides to sit for their portrait.  Gail will allow her guides to draw the person who has come forward and ask for any messages for you.


Spirit Art Drawing  full-color portrait, and 2 questions answered during the sitting for your spirit guide/loved one.  Rev. Hicks with write a brief message on the portrait and sign it.

Absentee Spirit Art Portrait - Rev. Hicks is able to do an absentee drawing.  You can have this image mailed, Scanned or sent to you in a Jpeg.


"The portrait I recived during a Spirit Art Drawing workshop.  I was teaching a class and I was going over  how to shape the face, the eye and the placement and blending of colors.  I went to help a studant and I was referancing something on my drawing and I noticed it looked like a male.  My studant then notice the chalks moving on the paper turning my male image to female.   It took me a moment to registare the image now a female.  It then hit me like a title wave of emotion and I felt paralized.  I realized it was my mom who recently passed.  What a wonderful way my mom contacted me while teaching a spirit art workshop."

Rev. Gail Hicks