Everyone has lost important people in their lives, and many close loved ones to some type of tragedy, illness, accidents, war or old age.  How does that really affect us?  It changes a lot of our lives to continue on without them.  To heal through the loss and grief many feel the sense to connect or just know that they are alright in the Spirit World.  There are very many gifted mediums who give validation in readings and messages from loved one, but sometimes people would like more, a longer connection to them.  Gallery events are wonderful experiences of sharing spirit and messages to everyone, but most people who attend do not receive a message, so now you can book your own private time to connect with your loved ones. 


This session, you will have the wonderful experience of connecting to your loved one, family member or even your pets.  Rev. Hicks will convey messages from them to you and describe what she is receiving and also you will be able (if you are open and receptive) to feel their presence in the room.  She also likes to hold a personal object, photo or belonging of your loved one and if you do not have that then to hold a piece of paper with their name on it to pick up their vibration.  


Cardinals are often a sign that a loved one is around you.  So, if you've been visited by one, know that it's your loved one's way of reaching out to say, "I Love You!"