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Receive your first Spirit Flame card from a 'Loved One' Today! 

"Spirit Flame" messages is a form of physical phenomena where Rev. Gail Hicks and her Spirit Guides help to produce an impression whether a symbol, a sign, a photograph, or an image, from a tapered candle flame onto a blank bright white index card. The message on the card is from your loved ones in spirit, and or spirit guides. Rev. Gail uses her spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, through her medium-ship to interpret your personal flame message and communicate with your loved ones. Come and share this wonderful experience to connect with your family and spirit and go home with your personalized ‘spirit flame card’.


Testimonial:  I received my first flame card from Rev. Hicks which was from my mother in the spirit world.  She told me my mother's first name and that this was my 'birthday card'.  The flame card was a beautiful smoked image of a bouquet of roses with a ribbon tied in a bow.  She continued my mother's message and handed it to me.  I told Rev. Hicks that my birthday was not for another 6 months and she said to place it on the refrigerator and watch it change by your birthday.  I called Gail on my birthday to confirm that it did change and that my mother 'wrote on the card, Happy Birthday love Mom'.  I was so emotional when I told Gail because the handwriting on the card was my Moms.  What a wonderful experience for those seeking confirmation and to have a flame card to cherish.   M. F. Providence, RI.



Gail offers public and private galas. 


Large Public Gala Gail will touch as many with a flame message during the 2-hour demonstration.    $40 per  person (15 or more people)

Small Private Gala Everyone receives a flame card and clairvoyant message during the 2 1/2 hour demonstration.  $50 per person (6 people)

Galas are offered at your home, Gail's office in Canton, MA or your business.  Many book Spirit Flame Gala's for Fundraisers and Company parties. 

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