Spiritual Counseling focuses on a person's spiritual essence. There are several reasons why a person may consider spiritual counseling.  For instance, one may seek spiritual counseling to explore or solidify their own personal spiritual journey, beliefs, and exploration of their own growth.  They may also be looking to release personal issues or anything that may be blocking their personal growth. 


This type of counseling is recommended for individuals, children, couples, and families who need guidance to navigate through their difficult times. The greater your commitment to spiritual counseling, the a greater success you'll have if you commite to putting in the time.


Rev. Hicks begins by connecting with her spirit helpers.  She then connects to your guides, teachers, and angels and begins your Spiritual Counseling.  Incorporating guided meditations, breathing exercises and reflective therapy (mirror therapy) to give you the best way to deal with any concerns or obstacles.

There is nothing we can't occomplish if we learn to let go.