This hour healing session is a wonderful way to eliminate mental, emotional and physical stress from all your spiritual bodies. A spiritual healing consist of laying on of hands, magnetic passes, toning, affirmations, and prayers. My spiritual staff works with me to send the Highest Energies for you to begin to release and heal in the Light of God and love. Many come to receive healing for balance and energy renewal.  There are many benefits to a spiritual healing:

  • receive energy

  • clear stress

  • release chronic pain

  • physical problems

  • arthritis

  • chronic fatigue

  • grief

  • co-dependencies or addictions

  • colds

  • allergies

  • illness

  • fractures and broken bones

  • to speed in recovery from surgery

  • help with rehabilitation 


After a Spiritual Healing, the client feels inner peace and relaxation from their first session, some people need more healing session to help remove various physical and emotional issues and conditions.  I recommend starting with a 'Soul Healing' first then continue with Spiritual Healing.  If the client is terminal, any of the Healings offered by Rev. Hicks would be beneficial to their well-being. 


My Spiritual Healers who join me during a session are Burning Eagle, Sister Mary Agnes, Sister Kathrine Rose, Chief Wild Turkey, White Hawk, Blue Vail, Dr. Peters, Dr. Oppenheimer and Dr. Laos. They are present at all of the Spiritual Healing Services.