Come and be a part of this workshop for everyone who has
lost a loved one, and would like to know... Why can't I receive a message from my Mom? my Dad? my sister? Or at least a sign from them? 

In this lecture presentation Rev. Gail Hicks will share the subtle signs from spirit, guides and loved ones and how to discern the message they are sending you. She will explain the energies or how to be open, and how to calm the mind to see and hear them. There will be a guided meditation to your 'Loved Ones' helping you to make a connection and also this is very helpful for everyone to 
bring a photo of their loved ones, family, pets etc for the meditation.

Rev. Hicks recently taught this workshop last year in Maine, and everyone in the group received messages and personal time with their family member. One lady 'danced with her father' the whole meditation. 


 Please bring a photo of your loved ones to hold while meditating. 

All things are possible with Spirit... come and share in this wonderful experience by booking your seat today.



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